Esteem: to regard highly or favorably; to regard with respect or admiration; to consider as of certain value or of certian type; to regard”

Over the years I’ve heard a lot about developing self-esteem in yourself and your kids.  I’ve seen dozens of parenting strategies to help raise whole and confident kids by developing their self-esteem.  The older I get the more I realize, as a Believer, it’s not just about self-esteem.  Learning and recognizing the things we can do in our own strength and uniqueness is all well and good.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t constantly be encouraging our kids and helping them find their God-given gifts that make them unique to the Kingdom.  However, when we only focus on what they can do because of who they are, we are missing one key element.  We miss the perspecitive that shows us the completed work of the cross and just what God has done to make us whole and complete.

Things that affect our self-esteem can fade.  Our skills can get rusty.  Today, I’m no where near the athlete I was in highschool.  My skin isn’t nearly as flawless as it was in college.  My physical abilities, with age, are only going to deteriate and dull.  So when I allow my esteem to come from “self”, it is fleeting.  Always changing depending on my current level of skill.

However, there is one constant for a Believer that only gets better with age.


While self-esteem is regarding yourself favorably with admiration because you have learned to love the things you can do and accept who you are as you are, God-esteem is regarding yourself favorably with admiration because of who and whose you are. God-esteem is entirely based on God.  It has nothing to do with us and is therefore unbreakable, consistent and continual. When you realize you are a new creation and living from a place that you are in fact already there regardless of your emotions, you have learned God-esteem.  When everything in your life and the world screams “You are worthless” and you can sit with a smile on your face knowing your value based on who you know that God says you are, you are standing in a reality that doesn’t always match our experiences.  You are standing in God-esteem.

I really think that until a person understands God’s true impression and astounding opinion of themselves, they really can’t ever have healthy self-esteem.  We must first find our God-esteem.  Then we can find our self-esteem.  Self-esteem for the Believer is always rooted in the way God esteems us.


So what does God think of us?  What is God’s astounding opinion of us as Believers?


The Lord really does have an outstanding opinion of us.  As Believers we are a new creation.  Our Spirit is made NEW!!  Glory. One-third of us is already perfected and He’s working to perfect the other two-thirds (soul and body). Are you ready to grow your God-esteem?

©️ Dacian Keaton Ministries, 2019. All rights reserved.

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