Desperate for God?

Scrolling through social media posts is a great way to find inspiration for me. Many times I’ll read something and it will prompt a message in my heart. I love the interaction with my friends and the thoughts it provokes in me.

However, there is a problem with social media posts.  There is no room for depth of meaning in them.  No way to really hear a person’s deep personal thoughts when they share snippets of thoughts and opinions that leave the reader reading between the lines and connecting dots.  Sometimes, okay… often times, it leads us towards an unintended meaning.  One sentence can not bring me to the heart of the person who posted it.

That being said, today I as I scrolled, I read “Are you desperate for God?” boldly plastered on a dear friend’s wall and it’s led me on a bit of spiritual discovery today.

Now, I admit.  It’s been many years since I’ve been able to fellowship with this brother. Though at one time I knew him very well and walked with him in small group where I learned to admire and respect his wisdom and leadership. I do not know the “today’s edition” of him. So I have no way of knowing where on his journey he is or what this one sentence truly meant.  I do know that he is a Jesus Lover! And his heart with the post was no doubt meant to encourage and minister to those around him, because this is the type of man he is.

However, based on my own past experience and my own history of phrases like this, this is what I heard when I read between the lines of the simple post: (even though I know it’s most likely NOT what he meant to say)

“Are you empty and longing for more in your life and would you like to have more of God in your life?  Do you wish God could have more control of your life?  More God leading your steps? More of God’s presence and fingerprints surrounding you?”

I stood at my island this morning making myself some breakfast pondering this post and perceived meaning.  The image God gave me just made me start laughing.

My pre-teen son in the next room asks me, “What’s so funny?”

I stand there and we have this conversation:

Me- Is it possible to be desperate for God?

Him- (without missing a beat) Well, of course it is!

Me- Okay, you think so?  Then let me ask it this way.  Is it possible for someone to die of thirst while holding an unlimited water source in their hand?

Him- (laughing) Well, NO! That would just be dumb.  Just take a drink.

Me- (Smiling and thankful that he got it) Exactly.  So let me ask you again.  Is it possible to be desperate for something we carry with us all the time?

Him- (pausing to really think this time) um… no. When you put it that way, no. It would just be silly.

Oh the wisdom that comes from children.

Here’s the image the Lord gave me as I pondered this social media post. I saw this person standing outside in the heat of the sun literally dying of thirst while holding a garden hose in their hand that had pure fresh clean running water coming out of it.  He stood there thirsty to the point of death with fresh clean water running out on the ground unused all around him.

Believers, if you are feeling desperate for God, consider this approach.  You are a modern day Ark of the Covenant.  The Spirit of God resides IN you.  You have been given everything you need for a life of godliness.  You have been given every spiritual blessing.  Just to name a few!!

Everything you need to not feel thirsty anymore is right here at your fingertips. If you are thirsty, God is right here inside of you.  Don’t die of thirst.  Simply learn how to bend your arm and take a drink!

I propose that in our desperation we are not asking the best questions.  We are not praying the best prayers.

I love the way Bill Johnson talks about how we host the Holy Spirit in his book Hosting the Presence.  If you owned rental property, you wouldn’t just walk into your tenant’s home, open their refrigerator, use their bathroom and make yourself at home.  It’s your house. You own it.  But you would wait for an invitation before making a sandwich and putting your feet up to watch TV.  The same is true for God.  He owns us.  He is the landlord, but he’s waiting for us to invite him to make himself at home in us.  He’s not going to just take over even though he owns the house.

Instead of asking and praying for more of God, stop and acknowledge that all of God is here inside you! You may not feel it.  You probably won’t understand it.  But God’s word teaches that he IS inside us.  And this means our prayer then changes from “give me more of you” to “Lord help me to see you, hear you and sense you”. It changes to an invitation for the Spirit of God to reside in us freely unhindered.  Truly to make Himself at home in us.  This is how we drink from the hose. The living water that makes us never thirst again.

Lord, please make yourself at home in me. I’m tired of feeling so thirsty all the time.  I’m tired of feeling like I need more of you.  I want you to truly treat this dwelling as if it’s your own.  You might be the landlord, but I want you to use me and do in me as you would your own home.  Make a sandwich.  Put your feet up on my couch and watch some TV.  Cuddle up with the blanket and read a good book.  Unhindered. Free. Lord, show me how to drink from the host I carry with me.  I want the living water so I’ll never feel so thirsty again.  AMEN!

I want to add something but I can’t figure out a great way to segway or add it into the content.  So consider this a post script. I understand that during this COVID-19 crisis many are desperate for God to show up.  We should not think of it as being desperate for more of God.  We have all that we need!  What we are really wanting here is not MORE of God… but breakthrough.  But breakthrough won’t come if we don’t acknowledge the truth that we have all of God that we need!

We are desperate for the sun to breakthrough the clouds and for the warmth to shine upon us.  I get this.  I truly do and I’ve been there!

To these Believers, I’ll say this.  He is here with you.  He will never leave you or forsake you.  Trust what God’s Word says and NOT what your emotions say.  And if you want more on this, message me through my blog.  I’ll share my story with you.  I am a cancer conqueror who understands what it’s like to live under clouds. To feel darkness all around you with no end in sight. To be desperate for breakthrough for a long period of time.

Consider this:

He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection. Psalm 91:4

Corrie ten Boom talks about this verse saying that many times being in the shelter of his wings is DARK.  Think about it.  If you are tucked up under his wing protected from everything dangerous, it will be dark in there.  So many times the darkness is not evil.  It is simply the feathers of the Lord covering you.  Trust him in the process. And know that the darkness that surrounds you just might not be evil, but a loving father covering you with his wings.

And to the man who inspired this spiritual moment for my son and me today, thank you.  I LOVE Jesus in you brother.  I am so thankful for the part of the journey you and your family were a part of with our family.  You truly are an inspiration. Jesus hugs!

Copyright © 2020 Dacian Keaton Ministries.  All rights reserved.


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