Covid Soul Care

I am 9 months into this COVID Crazy quarentine and I have to admit I am growing weary. Can anyone relate? I’m tired of being cooped up at home. I really miss seeing people’s faces and seeing their smiles. I miss adventures and going to lunch with friends. I’m thankful for Zoom and FaceTime more than ever! It just can’t every really replace a hug or a touch. I really really miss hugs and touches.

I went shopping today. Got out and did a little Black Friday bargain hunting. I shopped ’til I dropped! I’m way out of practice so it didn’t take me long. Ashamed to admit two stores wore me out. But such is the nature of a pandemic.

All around me I saw people taking a lot of effort to protect their bodies. Face masks everywhere I looked. Hand sanitizer at every turn. Constant reminders on the loud speakers for people to wash hands and sanitize areas. Stickers on the floor in 6′ intervals reminding us to socially distance ourselves. Cleaning products next to the shopping carts. Employees wiping down surfaces inbetween customers. Covid-19 in 2020. A time we will never forget.

Our governor recently mandated the closing of restaurants again. He requested citizens downsize Thanksgiving meals and limit gatherings to 2 families and 8 people. Funerals and weddings are allowed 25. My dad joked that we could go ahead and gather all 25+ family members for a meal and just call it a “turkey funeral” to get around it.

Just a lot of effort being made to protect bodies, but we are humans are not body alone. And I can’t help but wonder what effort is being made to protect the other part of us. Our soul.

I believe we exsist as humans in 3 parts. Body, soul and spirit.

Whole books have been written on the topic of the three parts of man. I can’t cover it all here. A basic definition is this.

Body – The earth suit in which we live; the Cardiac Catellac; this returns dust to dust… ashes to ashes.

Spirit – This is the essence of who we really are. The real us. The part that gets “re-created” in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17). The part that is seated with Christ in heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6)

Soul – This one is our emotions and our will. The part that “feels” things. It is often described as our mind. But I believe our mind touches all three places. Our soul is our “feeler”. It’s the part that gets stuck from time to time when our feelings get hurt. It can be a roller coaster. A whirlwind.

And this is the part that I am most concerned about in the midst of this pandemic and quarentine.

I totally understand that we need to be very diligent to prevent the spread of the disease. We need to be concerned about bodily health. Especially for those who are considered high risk.

But what about people’s mental health!??!

I just wish the constant ticker at the bottom of the news screen would go away. The one that is constantly there telling people to be afraid. To feel fearful.

I wish people would start to be just as concerned with mental (soul) health as they are bodily health.

We need to find a way to protect the body while also guarding the soul. To hug. Smile. Laugh. Enjoy each other. Find purpose and adventure again. To start living again!!

I guess I just wanted to encourage those reading to take a moment and find a way to check in on people during this pandemic. As soon as we hear someone is sick with the virus we jump on the phone to text them and ask how we can help them as they quarentine for a couple weeks. But what about the ones who are sick with something that can’t be seen? What about those who are weary in their soul?

We need to find a way to balance the needs of people’s bodies with the needs of people’s souls. Yes. Do what you feel led to do to protect bodies. But be mindful of the soul as well. People are lonely, depressed and hurting. And no one is talking about it.

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